Saturday, 7 April 2012

Air travel - Helpful Tips When Your Child Is Travelling Alone (Unaccompanied Minor)

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Many children love travelling but when their parent are not flying with them, the situation is different – they could be very unhappy and bored. The following air travel tips and advice might be helpful if a child is travelling unaccompanied.

Prepare their Mind

For a child who has never travel alone without her parent or guardian, the journey might be unpalatable, but if her parent could prepare her mind ahead of time for the journey, it might
turn the situation around. Explain to the child the reasons why she has to travel alone. Tell her what she should expect both at the airport and on board and let her know all the procedures. Assuring the child of her safety will go a long way to help.

Food and Snacks

One of the things that could keep a child busy and happy when her parents are not there is  of variety of snacks. It is advisable for the parent to order the child’s meal and also fill her hand bags with snacks that she loves. Although most airlines on a long haul flight do offer lots of snacks for them on board, but having her favourite with her is the best.

Games and other Items

There is no doubt that a child travelling alone may feel lonely but if he has his cherished electronic hand held games, toys and other favourite items that he can play with by his sides, he may never realised that he is alone throughout the journey. So it is advisable to pack these items in his carry-on bag so that he can have access to them anytime.

Money for Snacks

Apart from packing snacks for a child who is travelling alone, it is also good to give the child some money to buy snacks, drinks and whatever he wants on board, or at the airport in case there are delays. Having money with him to spend on his own could make him feel at ease. 

Medical History and Contacts

Another useful air travel tips for unaccompanied minor for the parent to put the child medical history and some contact numbers in his hand bag to address any emergency that may arise. While doing this, the child’s parent should also make the airline’s staff aware of where this is located in the bag.

Upon Arrival

The last air travel advice and tips on this topic is centred on the person receiving the child at the airport upon arrival. Be sure that the person meeting the child at the point of arrival knows all the rules and procedures involved in receiving an unaccompanied child. Inform him to bring photo identity and other necessary document that may be required by the airline.


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