Friday, 30 March 2012

Air travel Tips for Disabled Passenger

wheel chair for disabled passenger - ideal for air travel

Taking a fight as a disabled or as a companion of a disabled passenger could be a herculean task. However, adequate planning and knowledge of some airport procedures could make the journey much more comfortable for the disabled passenger and his companion. This article will therefore highlight some of the tips that can improve the travelling experience of a disabled passenger and his companion traveller. 

Consult a Physician

The first thing to do before booking a flight for a wheelchair or disabled passenger is to consult a physician to find out whether the disabled is fit to
travel or not. Depending on the condition of the disabled, some airlines may require letters from physicians indicating that the disabled is fit to travel. So consulting a physician well ahead may diminish the chances of any kind of emergency while travelling and thus boosts the holiday experience of the disabled passenger and his companion. The practice of requesting ‘letter of fit’ by airline is a common practice that affects not only disabled passenger but also visibly sick passenger as well as heavily pregnant women in general. This common practice by airlines is to ensure that the disabled or the sick passenger travel safely and comfortably. Apart from the letter of fitness to fly, if the disabled is planning a long holiday, then it is advisable to get prescriptions written by their physicians.

Early Preparation and Booking

There is a local adage that says “a foreknown war doesn’t kill a wise disabled”. Yes it doesn’t kill them because they would have made an early preparation to escape. Since we all know that travelling can be hectic, it is advisable for a wise disable and his companion to make an early booking and other necessary preparations. Buy your flight ticket early, call customer service to arrange for assistance, and give them all necessary information about the disabled. Doing this can be very rewarding as the disable might even get a cheap ticket and good comfortable seat on board. The issue of disabled passenger is paramount to almost every airline and as a result it is a subject of discussions in their pre-flight briefing.

Check in Early at Airport

Another important thing that must be done if a disable passenger is to have a stress free travelling is that they must reach the airport early to check-in. Early check-in can be very good as the customer service will have enough time to attend to them so as to go through all security procedures. Honestly, if a disable passenger can adhere to all this travelling tips, then he should be rest assured that he would have a pleasing experience at the airport.

Remember Necessary Aids

One final advice for disabled is that, they should not forget to bring along personal necessities which they might need both on board and at the airport. Medications, comforting equipment, scooter, require disposable paper goods, novels if you love to read etc are a few of such items. Dangerous items are not allowed on board, but medications as well as many personal essentials are still much allowed as long as they are put in the transparent bag. Most importantly, anything you take when you are travelling, ensure that you have documents that verify you have a ‘special needs’. Consult your doctor and get a letter of authentication on his letterhead stationery verifying you are disabled and as result need to have these and that items with you always. This way the airline will not have any option than to allow you take them. 



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